How ERi Toileto Non-electric Bidet Seat works?

The ERi seat is operated by the home’s water-pressure system. Just connect the water inlet to the stop valve located on the side of the toilet, the system will take the water pressure, causing the nozzle to reach out and let the water out.

Every time the nozzle button is turned while the nozzle is reaching out, there will be a water supply system around the nozzle to come out in the middle of the nozzle (self cleaning system) before the spray water is released at the end of the nozzle .

Also, can apply water pressure for normal household, which there are approximately 2-3 bars. Moreover, there will be adjustment of water pressure system for appropriateness at every use.

Within the set, the button of water pressure adjustment enables smoothness with Ceramic Disc technology, a premium technology in sanitary. It has strength and durability, and it can adjust the the pressure of the water with ease and accuracy.



ERi Toileto
PREMIUM Bidet Toilet Seat



ERi Toileto
COMPACT Bidet Toilet Seat



Toilet Stool



Operated by water- pressure system
and not require electricity. Therefore,
it can be installed immediately without
a wiring system. Safe from electrical
leakage problems.


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly because it does not require electricity. It saves water and toilet paper.


100% polypropylene plastic material 
with anti-bacterial compound. It comes
with a self-cleaning system for cleaning
for your cleanliness and safety every time.


Designed to be suitable for every
body types. Sit comfortably without
pain. Can bear weight up to 150 kg.

Easy to Install

Include installation kit within the set
(T joint pipe, steel hose, Teflon tape).
Easy to install within 6 steps. Applicable
to sanitary standard in the market.

Easy to Use

The control button is at ease of use.
Water pressure can be adjusted with
smoothness and accuracy.

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